May 15, 2015

It'll be easier to find the good stuff at Fieldays this year

A new Fieldays app for Android and iOS should make it easier for visitors to find all the 4WD oriented displays at this year's show, starting June 10. Actually, the free app will be good for all sorts of things; its features include:

• Finding the closest food vendors, first aid, and other essentials as well as event information such as gate opening times, weather and ticket prices.

• A map shows the user's location in relation to points of interest. Users can keep track of where their car is by dropping a pin on the map.

• A friend-finder shares the user's location with Facebook friends who have the app.
• A schedule shows what’s happening and can be used to create an itinerary.
• All exhibitors are catalogued with their location and a rundown of their services.

The app is available at Google Play and the  Apple Store.

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