December 11, 2014

Oh dear, the Woodhill 4WD park's closing until … April!

"Whadda you mean, you're closed til April 11 …?"
Auckland-area 4WD enthusiasts are going to be frustrated as one of the main "playgrounds" – the Polaris 4WD Park in Woodhill Forest – closes over the summer fire risk period from December 16 until April 11. Proprietor Roger Winslade says, "we will run some special event days during the closed period so watch our website and Facebook page for open dates; these will include night and day events." There's one small bonus: while closed the park team will build new tracks, clean out rutted tracks and make other changes.


  1. Damn, I was planning to go there during the Xmas break.

  2. Is this being done at the instructions of the forest owner?