March 24, 2014

Read this if you want to profit from others' misfortune

No money changed hands before, during or after this simple recovery.
Ever thought of making a bit of money by charging to recover someone's stuck 4WD? Tony Burgess, president of the NZ Four Wheel Drive Association, writes in the latest edition of its magazine, Trail Torque: "Many of our members will … have been asked to help out, or have come across members of the public who have broken down or got their vehicles stuck in remote areas. Most people are only too happy to help out in this situation and it is always a good idea to help out if you can. However, I have noticed lately that there has been a trend towards charging people for towing the vehicle. Many people see this as fair and reasonable, but members need to be aware of the legal situation when charging for vehicle recovery or towing.

"Generally, you will need a vehicle recovery endorsement (V) where you provide a towing service for a reward of any form. What this means is that if you charge someone for towing their vehicle, (or receive a reward, including drink) unless you have a V endorsement on your licence, you could receive a ticket and be fined. I understand that this has happened in the past. If you don’t receive a reward, as is the case with the vast majority of club trips, there is no problem.

"A person employed or contracted by a motoring association, or an insurance company, where the towing or carrying is limited to the removal of a vehicle to a place of safety is exempt, but members should be very wary if charging members of the public for recovering a vehicle." Further information can be found on the NZTA website.


  1. If you cant come up with articals of yr own, dont steal from the 4WDA mag you theeving basterd.

    1. Thanks; that lowers the quality of this site's comments quite nicely.

    2. The commenter's lack of marshaling of spelling skills and apparent ignorance of the fact you actually referenced Trail Torque is quite telling. Kind of funny though nice example of a logical fallacy: if you can't do 'a', then don't do 'b'. I think if it were me, I wouldn't want anyone to know who I was either.

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