March 26, 2014

Tool time – what to take on the track

What tools do you need to take on the track? Opinions will range from a Swiss Army knife to a complete set of Snap-Ons, towed in their own off-road trailer, but here's a petrol-biased list that 4wdNewz quite likes. Add or delete to suit your own needs.

• Adjustable wrenches, medium and large
• Circlip pliers
• Feeler gauge 
• Flat nose pliers
• Hacksaw
• Hammers, 1/2 and 2kg
• Heavy chisel ±25 cm 
• High lift jack - for breaking tyre beads
• Ignition timing light or bulb and wire with crocodile clips
• Impact wrench
• Jump-cables 
• Mole wrench
• Power bar for sockets 
• Ratchet for sockets 
• Screw drivers
• Sharp nose pliers 
• Sockets, set 
• Spanners to suit your vehicle
• Spark plug wrench 
• Tyre levers, two 
• Tyre pressure gauge 
• Valve spanner 
• Watchmaker screwdrivers
• Wire cutters


  1. You need the tools for whatever job will need doing.

    For my series3 landy that would include
    * duct tape - how the heck did you miss this one ?
    * a 2 1/4" box spanner for wheel hubs (came from Bunnings' plumbing section as its for hot water cylinder elements, but had a Landrover badge on it)
    * Electrical bits - spare spark plugs because they have been known to break, suitable fuses, wire crimps/spare wire all because its Lucas.
    * Cable ties, either steel or plastic. Enough of these can fix many things, plumbers ones are
    * Rods - I have a couple of fibreglass rods which could be pressed into service for anything, mostly used for reaching high places.
    * Air pump, for reinflating tyres.
    * Asprin/water - its a good tool for fixing grumpy driver.
    * Spare hose, offcuts of useful length for fuel or radiator, and a selection of hose clamps.
    * Spare lamps / bulbs
    * A small folding kite - great tool for occupying kids in the medium term

    Any custom tool, even if you don't normally need it, like the whacky three fingered wheel bearing nut grabber for some nissans. Noone else is likely to have one.

    Comment on Jumper cables, the cheaper they are the less likely they are to work. A severely flat battery will take too much start up current for the sub-$100, and more-so if its a dead diesel.
    So more cross-sectional area is better.

    Fluids probably don't count as tools, but they're necessary too. Brake/clutch fluid, gearbox/swivel oil and engine oil.

    Other than the high-lift you've not listed any 4wd tools, spades and axes etc. They can be used for many things too.

    1. Sorry about leaving out the duct tape and thanks for your excellent additions.