June 20, 2012

Toyota Hilux: watch this space

Toyota says there will be a "major improvement" to the Hilux before an all-new model is released in about two years. A senior spokesman gave no further details but did not disagree that the improvement could be a new or revised engine. The current 2982cc turbo produces 126kW and 343Nm of torque, figures that have fallen behind its major rivals, particularly the torque. Despite that, the evergreen truck continues to outsell its competitors. The 598 sales in May were third best in its history, topped by 621 in July 2008 and 610 in May 2006. Agreeing that the ute lacks some of the equipment and features of newer models, the spokesman said, "but Hilux seems to have the things our customers want".


  1. I brought a Hilux in 2010 and it's been everything I want in a ute. The Toyota guy is right, some of the new ute's are over the top

  2. Totally agree; utes have gone too far the other way.