June 22, 2012

KK Cherokee put out of its misery

The lacklustre Jeep Cherokee KK will go out of production in August and the factory closed for changeover to the replacement, due next year. There's some interesting background here, on the well regarded Ausjeep Offroad forum.


  1. I work in Jeep sales and while I can't comment on the looks of the current Cherokee, you might be interested to know that traded versions of the previous KJ sell almost as soon as we put them on the lot. We can't get enough of them. Read into that what you like! The way I understand it is Jeep got a lot of criticism that the KJ was too "rounded" and over-reacted with the KK. Few KJ customers trade into a KK, they usually go into a Grand Cherokee, a Wrangler or other Chrysler product.

    1. Thanks for sharing your interesting comments.