May 1, 2015

Why the Hankook RF10 won the order

A friend of 4wdNewz, who spent ages agonising over what kind of all terrain tyre to put on his Prado, finally selected the Hankook Dynapro RF10 and reports after an extended South Island off-road trip that he's "very happy" with the choice.  "While we didn’t strike any real "get-you-stuck" mud, we did have a variety of surfaces that the tyres handled extremely well.  While I got stuck in a difficult spot on the Nevis, the problem was the Prado had bellied and no wheels had sufficient contact, regardless of tyre type. A simple slow pull back out the way I went in was all it needed."
Hankook Dynapro RF10
The Hankook was short listed with the Toyo OPAT. Some of the "hero" AT brands were rejected because of their cost. Our friend wanted good performance, but on a budget. His local tyre shop kindly got hold of one of each to look at, partly because the tyre size makes a difference to the apparent block/void impression. 

"Both looked good and much-of-a-muchness but I settled on the Hankooks, as the rubber felt harder and they were cheaper," he reports. "The Hankooks are very good, incredibly quiet, even on wet seal, and the grip in very wet sealed road is impressive. I only once had the ESP tell me otherwise."

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