April 11, 2015

'Factory' RHD Ram trucks coming to New Zealand from September

Fiat Chrysler will offer Ram trucks in New Zealand and Oz from the third quarter. They'll come with full volume compliance certification. Details of the local range and their prices will be announced later. "Fiat Chrysler New Zealand will undertake the conversion to RHD and meet all the legal requirements for them to be sold in unlimited volume in New Zealand and Australia," a spokesman said. “Clearly there is a demand for this type of vehicle in Australia and New Zealand in both the private and commercial markets, with only availability restricting sales. Our vehicles are being developed with the full blessing of the Ram Division. They have worked closely with our engineers to produce a vehicle that is as close to an official factory right hand drive vehicle as it can be without it having actually run down the factory production line.”

The appointment of Fiat Chrysler New Zealand as the official Ram importer has enabled the company to achieve Full Volume Conversion for the Ram range. "This level of certification sets Fiat Chrysler NZ above and beyond all other Ram converters and places Ram trucks from Fiat Chrysler on a par with all other vehicles sold in the mass vehicle market in Australia and New Zealand," said the spokesman. 4wdNewz is counting the days, starting now.

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