April 12, 2015

Cue TV closes but Bill Hohepa's 4WD show soldiers on

Southland's Cue TV, available nationally via Freeview and Sky, has closed after 18 years. This was the station that showed the Bill Hohepa tag-along 4WD shows, which began in 2000 on Auckland's Triangle TV and "moved south" in 2003 to get national exposure. The 2015 4WD series was scheduled for this month, but will now screen on Face TV at a date to be announced. Face TV is the old Triangle TV, so it's full circle for Bill Hohepa.


  1. Unfortunately, Face TV is not available on Freeview satellite.

    1. Absolutely correct, and the reason why I'll no longer be able to enjoy the exploits of Hohepa and his fellow trekkers.

  2. Why would anyone care, those shows were shit awful.

  3. They may have been awful, but were fun to watch