March 4, 2013

4x4 National Park: here's dust in your eye

Well used and well equipped 1998 Mitsubishi Challenger GDI tackles a dusty climb.
The yellow FJ Cruiser that turns up at almost every safari event.

Six wheel Land Rover 109 Series III of Hans Weichbrodt looks really impressive, bit maybe not so much in a tight corner.
National Park 4x4 offers scenery that's unique to this part of the country.

A selection of the wide variety of 4WDs on the trip.
Another great running of the National Park 4x4 safari on the weekend with 52 vehicles raising $2790 for the Ruapehu Alpine Rescue Organisation (RARO) Although some sections were dusty, much of the driving was on grass, for which the drivers and passengers in non-air conditioned vehicles were grateful. Many of the vehicles also took the opportunity to drive the nearby 42 Traverse. Thanks to co-organiser Peter Vahry for these photos.

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  1. Looks like it was a great trip; hope they're going it next year so I can go!