August 5, 2012

Out There South: the Mainland rules

Out There South appeared in 2010, so it's old news now and this is just a quick comment rather than a review. The first thing that struck me about the volume that led to Out There North (above) was the excellence of photography, compared to the newer book. It's not that the photographers lost their skills in the two years between volumes, it's just that the South Island is so much more scenic … especially in out-of-the-way places where 4WDs can go. This time they used three rental Toyota Prados which, unlike the Volkswagens in Out There North, weren't always perfect in every way. Sadly, the text is not up to the photos. As with the North volume, it reads like a well-prepared 4WD club magazine report, only more so. I really don't care that Chris was busy charging the UHF radios, I'd far rather read more about the areas, the tracks, and how to drive them.

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  1. I was given the book as a present. Nice photos but I haven't looked at it again for 18 months.