December 5, 2011

Something else sheep are good for

I'm quite keen on New Zealand-made Prolan as a corrosion inhibitor for the Jeep's chassis. It's made from wool grease and you'll find an earlier report here. The Tauranga based company has now developed a new product, Prolan Enduro, for under-chassis corrosion protection. It dries to a shiny finish and is said to be very durable. I've sprayed my chassis and will report back later. The fancy looking red and white nozzle is also new and seems to work just like the old one! I had a leaking problem with the old nozzle, so this might be the fix. By the way, those of us who use the lanolin product are in good company, the cranes and barges trying to get containers off the Rena are coated in the stuff. Here's Prolan's home page.

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