May 15, 2011

'No, I meant I wanted a deck for the HOUSE'

Nothing to do with New Zealand, but well worth watching, whether or not you like Jeeps!

Here's an earlier posting along similar lines.


  1. Mostly looks good but the exposed wires in the tray are not too tidy.

    Interesting that the rear door panels are just covered over with new external skins. Not sure I like the finished conversion. The tray probably needs to be longer to be useful or shorter to improve escape angle.

  2. I agree, Disco2hse. There are better aftermarket ute conversions around. It seemed a bit of a slap-up job for a Mopar factory undertaking.

  3. Further to the preceding comment, I've found out there are two versions of the kit, the bolt-on one a couple of handy people are supposed to be able to fit in a weekend, and a weld-on version that needs to be done by a panelbeater, or someone skilled in that area. The weld-on is said to be of much better quality.

  4. Why wud anyone want something like that peace of crap?