December 31, 2010

Prado gets a petrol V6 as fuel prices soar

Toyota is celebrating our near record fuel prices by introducing a petrol V6 to the previously all-diesel Prado lineup. It's on the top VX Limited version only and will cost $106,690 when it arrives in showrooms during the next couple of weeks. Apparently the marketplace has been asking for a V6, so the ever-obliging Toyota has responded with the 4.0 litre 202kW and 381Nm (at 4400rpm) unit. The petrol Prado, like the diesel, is rated to tow an unimpressive 2500kg braked and 750kg unbraked. Toyota overlooked mentioning fuel consumption in its press release, but a recent overseas test of this model returned 15.3 litres per 100km overall. The diesel's official figure (as opposed to what a driver might actually get) is 8.8 overall. I'm wondering whether there has been a heartfelt cry for a petrol motor, or whether it's a response to the anaemic nature of the diesel, which now has all that extra bulk to pull around.

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