November 23, 2010


Here's something I wasn't expecting. Behind 4wdNewz lurks an electronic statistician that keeps track, among other things, of the number of times each item is accessed. The reason I'm even bothering to mention it is that this item on the Volkswagen Amarok has been viewed 10 times more often than any other item since the site started! Second place is something quite different, I only watch Annabel Langbein's show for the Jeep. So I'm assuming there's serious public interest in the German truck that's taking on the almost total dominance of Japanese utes. Interesting, very interesting.


  1. And we should care because ...?

  2. Good on VW for giving the Japs a run. If they can keep their pricing sensible they'll have a winner. My cousin has a T5 van and it's fantastic.