September 24, 2010

Para Rubber comes through again

It seemed like there used to be a Para Rubber shop in every suburb, but nowadays their ranks have thinned. Nevertheless, they're still a great source of rubbery and foamy things for 4WDs. My latest purchase was some ribbed rubber sheet cut from a bulk roll and I used it to make treads for the sills of the Wrangler and for the built-in steps on the rock sliders. I'm really happy with the result. The helpful Para guy, who turned out to be the store owner, gave me two useful pieces of advice; thoroughly clean the surface of the rubber you're going to glue with methylated spirit, and use a water resistant contact adhesive. He stocked Bostik's Super Contact. I bought some and it seems to be holding well but there may well be other products that do as well or better. Suggestions welcome in the comments section.


  1. I used to enjoy browsing in the Para store, until it closed. Great place with a distinctive rubbery smell I'll never forget.

  2. I went into my Para the other day and the woman serving could barely be bothered to look up from her magazine. Won't be back in a hurry.

  3. I bought what seems from the photo to be the same stuff you got, for use as a cargo mat. It's quite good, but a bit thin.