September 11, 2010

The oddness that is Mitsubishi

What an odd company Mitsubishi has become in New Zealand. Not necessarily odd in a bad way, either. The brand has only two car lines in its passenger range, Colt and Lancer; everything else is four-wheel-drive and wagon-like. These are the new ASX, the Outlander, the Challenger and Pajero. Challenger and ASX both have 2WD variants, as does the Triton that sits over in the commercial camp with the evergreen L300 van. So they can't sell you a large sedan any more, with the demise of the 380, but can do you a Pajero. They have no mid-size sedan, but can do you an Outlander. And you know what, the marketplace seems reasonably warm to the idea. After some rather hard times, Mitsi's doing okay. Which leads to the question: why not do all-wheel-drive versions of the Colt and Lancer and have an all all-paws-driven lineup like Subaru, only much more comprehensive?

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  1. Jack R (Waikato Safari driver)September 11, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Hi Phil, really enjoying your blogs and also your Top Gear columns. When did you sell your Land Rover?

  2. Thanks Jack. Reluctantly and with some regret I sold the Defender in March, but the 2-door Wrangler Rubicon is shaping up well. I look at it as the best Defender that Land Rover never made!

  3. Mitsi have a 4wd Lancer, the Evo X