July 25, 2010

A matter of balance

Counties 4WD Club was kept busy at this year's Speedshow July 24-24 demonstrating the capabilities of members' trials trucks and giving spectators – most of them kids – three laps of low-speed thrills for $5 a time.  A highlight of the track at Auckland's ASB Showgrounds was this see-saw, being negotiated here by Russell Biggs in his D-Class special. Click on the video to get it going. If you'd like to watch a round of the next national trials series, there's a schedule to be found here. The season begins in the Bay of Islands Nov 21. And, no, you won't find them trying to balance on a see-saw. 4x4 Action magazine (August 2010 for the full article) recently explained trials this way: "Like Formula One, the National Trials Series is the pinnacle of the sport – technology right on the cutting edge. And, as was seen with the trials test series against the South Africans a couple of years ago, New Zealand leads the way in the sport."

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