November 16, 2015

Prado and the V6 – nice engine if someone else is paying for the fuel

As noted above, Toyota continues to offer its 3956cc GRXA V6 petrol engine in one VX specification version of the latest Prado, while the other three in the lineup have the new 2755cc four cylinder turbodiesel, also fitted to the latest Hilux. The V6 is offered because Toyota says there is ongoing demand for it, but will the smoother new diesel unit eat into that demand? Probably not. The diesel still can't match the V6 for silky smoothness and some drivers just like the sound of the petrol engine which, in the Prado's case, is quite appealing.

The V6 produces 207kW at 55600rpm, while the diesel offers 130kW at 3400rpm. However, the diesel blitzes the V6's torque at 450Nm from 1600rpm to 2400rpm, compared to 381Nm at 4400rpm. The V6's fuel consumption is rated at 11.6 litres per 100km overall, but in a variety of driving conditions, 4wdNewz got an overall of 17.1. The 2.8 diesel is rated at 8.0 litres per 100km overall, but returned 9.9 for 4wdNewz in similar driving. At least the difference is softened for the V6 by its ability to run on 91 octane, rather than premium fuels.

Speaking of the Prado, look at this nice toolkit hidden behind a panel on the cargo door. The tools are in a separate case that can be easily removed – you don't need to keep going back to the door.

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