November 15, 2015

Rare beast at the Auckland Zoo

Here's the first Land Rover Defender Celebration series vehicle to be spotted by 4wdNewz. The special model commemorates the imminent end of Defender production. It was resting in the Auckland Zoo's parking lot on Saturday. Only seven of this Adventure version were allocated to New Zealand, according to the distributor. Lucky bugger.


  1. Lucky bugger? Come on!!! you'd have to pay me to drive a piece of overpriced useless shit like that,

  2. That's a bit harsh

  3. haha...its mine! And its awesome...especially the heated front seats full leather seats, air conditioning, suede roof lining, turbo engine, 80's style sunroof, 6 speaker sound system with subwoofer.

    Compare that to the 1990 110 I had which had none of those - although the turning circle on the old one was better.

    Chicks love it. In fact most people seem too!