November 21, 2014

A warning from our Consumer Affairs division

It's common for off roaders to buy fuel for the body as well as the vehicle at service stations: a filled roll for the trip, the donut on the way home that you craved while waiting to be recovered, and so on. Just don't let the excitement of the trip distract you from what the cashier's ringing-up. Three times recently, almost one after the other, the attendant at three different places has wanted to charge 4wdNewz more for food and beverage than the price posted on the shelf. Each time he refused to go to the shelf to check the price, and each time he was left with the entire order to put away later. What's going on? Are these simply unfortunate "glitches in the computer"; is it staff incompetence or, dusting off the conspiracy theory, is it all a plot to gouge customers? We don't have the answer; but do watch hawk-like what they're punching or scanning into the till.


  1. This is an illegal practise - Fair Trading Act breach. Take notes - date time, attendant, maybe photos, and contact the head office of the petrol chain. Cc the commerce commission - you should have a speedy response...

    1. It sounds like overkill for a couple of dollars, but you're absolutely right.

  2. It's happened to me. Good on ya for pointing it out