December 24, 2012

Ten questions on a Christmas Eve

• How much more of the North Island will be fenced off or gated to stop four-wheel-driving in 2013?

• What will the next Defender really look like and with all the debate, clever corporate teasing and so on, are we all past caring?

• Have you seen that new ARB uber-swag things, in one- or two-person versions? Looks like just the deal for no-fuss safari accommodation but I'm afraid to ask the price.

• Are we getting over our infatuation with cheap Chinese-brand winches?

• Speaking of which, will the flood (no pun intended) of Chinese snorkels into the Aussie market be repeated here?

• Where are all the 4WD trainers? A few years ago there was one for almost every track and trail? Was there not enough money in it? Is everyone an expert just by owning a 4WD?

• How hosed-off were the lifestyle-ute manufacturers when the NZ Herald's huge-circulation motoring section, Driven, gave its Ute of the Year award not to one of theirs, but to the Land Cruiser 70 double cab?

• Speaking of which, when will Toyota put an automatic in the Land Cruiser 70?

• How pleased do you reckon Mitsubishi was when the Army ordered 70 Triton utes? Nothing like looking stylish when off-roading into combat.

• Why am I sitting even here on Christmas Eve writing this? O yeah, the roads are clogged, the shops bulging, it's drizzling and there's nothing of TV. Merry Christmas, guys.

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