February 11, 2012

4WD questions to ponder

Two photos regarding question 10; these were taken years ago when the P38s were still  in production and expensive … but some owners were prepared to wallow.

A baker's dozen of things you, too, may have noticed or been wondering about 4WDs:

1. Why do people keep saying the Suzuki Jimny is a good 4WD off-road?

2. Why won't Land Rover fit an automatic to the Defender?

3. Ditto Toyota and the Land Cruiser 70. The box from the 200 Series would do nicely.

4. Does it also astonish you that the Land Cruiser 70 LX wagon now lists at more than $80,000?

5. When will Jeep put the KK Cherokee out of its misery and give us a new one that lives up to its predecessors?

6. Has the Nissan Patrol had any credibility since they dropped the TD42 diesel?

7. How do you think the Hummer H3 would have gone with a decent engine? Too late now, don't bother answering.

8. What was Toyota thinking when it signed-off the lousy outward vision of the FJ Cruiser?

9. Does anyone use the current-model Pajero seriously or semi-seriously off-road?

10. Why are so few P38 Range Rovers used as club trucks? They're cheap enough.

11. How quickly do owners get sick of their four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

12. Regarding question six, should we petition Nissan to put the two-door GQ back into production?

13. Have you noticed how owners of straight, low mileage Suzuki Samurais can pretty much name their price?


  1. On question 12, yes, yes, yes, so long as they can do it for $30,000. Should be easy if the maek it in China.

  2. Good list of questions; gave me a good chuckle. No 1 is right on! Thanks.

  3. Answer to 10: Too unreliable.

  4. Getting sick of the Wrangler Unlimited = quite quickly judging from the number of them on Trademe.

  5. Were those Range Rovers at Ardmore, around 1995 or 96? If so I was there. It had been raining and was slippery as.

  6. Got it in one, Anonymous. It was a dealer day.

  7. 11: I got sick of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in about four months and sold mine after 12. An awful vehicle made worse by a dreadful dealer.

  8. I wish Jeep would make a diesel swb manual

    1. They do, but only in Renegade specification and it's a special order that takes three months on average to deliver.