February 9, 2012

Let's clog up the courts

The police threat to permanently lower the speeding tolerance to 4km/h is ridiculous; despite modern electronic speedos four kilometres an hour is within the margin of error for many vehicles. The change will do nothing to lower the road toll, only further alienate the police and the public and clog the courts as the number of defended tickets spirals. As an aside, driving home from National Park on low-tolerance Waitangi Day with cruise control set at 100km/h in an effort to tame the Jeep's thirst for fuel, almost every vehicle overtook me, including vans and cars towing caravans.


  1. Not a lot we do about it. It is a government department that is fixated on one solution to all problems.

  2. Right on. A lot of 4wders are going to be stung by having different tyres and non standard gearing. I don't have these mods but my GPS tells me my speedo is not that accurate anyway and the discrepancy differs according to the speed. At an indicated 10 I'm doing 104, exactly on the edge of the tolerance, so lets hope the cop's radar is 100 per cent spot on or I'm done. The GPS will have to be my new speedo.