May 2, 2011

Um, how much is the snorkel, please?

Was out on some slushy tracks the other day and although there were splashes, I never dreamed there was anything potentially damaging. Fortunately, a FedEx van arrived today with a K&N reusable high performance air filter and some other stuff I'd imported from the US. I opened the Wrangler's airbox and found the lower part, and the bottom of the pancake filter, caked with silt, ingested with one or more of the splashes. Worse, there was some silt on the other side of the filter, caught in the pipe on its way to the engine. I don't think the Jeep's air intake is positioned any better or worse than most other 4WDs so it just goes to show you don't need to be crossing a river to get into potential trouble with water. I vowed not to have a snorkel on the Wrangler, but after cleaning out the airbox, I'm thinking of revisiting that decision.

By the way, with the dollar where it is right now, I landed the K&N filter and a cleaning kit for about half the local shelf price, and that included shipping.


  1. I disagree. Jeeps air tintake must be SHIT to take in water from a few splashs. Get a decent truck not a snorkle

  2. U need to realize the Jeep is a toy. If U dont want ur truk to shag itself 1st time out get a Cruzer or Safari. Jeepz are OK on th beach, nothing else

  3. Jeeps are poorly designed and built flimsy. Water in the intake is hardly the least of your problems. As the other guy said, get a Crusier or Safari

  4. Spanner SpinnerMay 5, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    I am a mechanic. I often see evidence of water and-or mud in airboxes, sometimes on both sides of the filter. Believe me, this is not just a jeep problem. I even see water or moisture when a snorkel is fitted, almost always on those with a ram intake.

  5. A properly installed snorkel is very cheap insurance

  6. Very poor comments here. I own one of the first Grand Cherokees and it is for sure an awesome car which is able to do much more than beach. It's not a raid car, but it's very capable offroad, much more than some of you think there. By the way, many cars have their own design flaws. I doubt that any of the trucks you quoted doesn't have its own drawback anywhere. If the Jeep was just a toy, I am eager to know your reason for so many use it.

    1. Good on you, Ozoneflyer. I'm starting to get a bit hosed off with all the anti-Jeep sentiment floating around. Same thing about anti Land Rover sentiment ... especially as I came out of a Defender into the Wrangler!