March 12, 2011

The travel page

Go whizzing up the ramp on your mountain bike, or test the G-Class's lousy turning circle going around it. There's something for everyone in this northern Tasmania state forest.
4wdNewz has had the good fortune to go off-roading in Tasmania twice this year. What a charming place, and what great off-roading opportunities. Both trips were out of Launceston and, an hour out of town, we were on tracks that many access-starved New Zealanders – especially North Islanders – could only dream about. They ranged from easy to don't-even-try-without-diff-locks-engaged. Both trips took us to state forests, where access is free and easy. According to local 4WD folk, it seems the island is awash with off-road opportunities. Here's a link to whet the appetite. If real estate prices hadn't gone through the roof over there, it might not have been long before this site morphed from 4wdNewz to 4wdTaz!


  1. Now you've blown it! Tasmania is so great it should be kept secret. I spend 3 weeks there each year.

  2. Spent a few weeks there back in the 80's. rented new MK Nissan Patrols althought they couldn't hack it off road. First one was replaced after it suffered vibrations after trying to follow a Series I LR off road and the replacement was also 'well used' by the time it was dropped back to the rental car company. Great place though. Was also based in Launceston while there.