March 7, 2011

What Top Gear thinks about 4WDs

Not exactly known for holding back on its opinions, Top Gear each month rates current vehicles out of a possible top score of 20. Nothing has a perfect score. The top mark, currently 18, is enjoyed by the Nissan GT-R and the Ferrari 599. Yeah, well that's the car stuff. Below are the scores of all the "proper" 4WDs rated by Top Gear that range from 5 for the SsangYong Kyron to 15 for the Range Rover Vogue. I can't agree with all of Top Gear's ratings; they've got some of it wrong. So look for a TGiW (They've Got it Wrong) warning followed by my score.
Marks out of 20
5    SsangYong Kyron
7    Nissan Navara DX
8    Holden Colorado
8    Nissan Navara STX TGiW promote to 13
8    Suzuki Jimny
8    Suzuki Grand Vitara TGiW promote to 12
9    Nissan Pathfinder TGiW promote to 11
9    Nissan Patrol TGiW promote to 13
9    SsangYong Rexton TGiW demote to 7
10  Toyota Prado
11  Jeep Cherokee
11  Jeep Grand Cherokee TGiW promote to 13
11  Jeep Wrangler TGiW promote to 20 because I own one
11  Mitsubishi Challenger TGiW promote to 13
12  Land Rover Defender TGiW promote to 13
12  Mitsubishi Triton
12  Mitsubishi Pajero
12  Toyota Land Cruiser 200 TGiW promote to 13
12  Toyota Hilux
13  Lexus LX570 TGiW demote to 10
14  Range Rover Sport
15  Land Rover Discovery
15  Range Rover Vogue


  1. Who gives a fuck

  2. To answer the rude anonymous comment, I do. I'm sort of shopping for another 4WD wagon and find the ratings, along with your posts on such things as turning circles, to be worthwhile and informative.