September 19, 2015

Ford Ranger upgrade: improvements are mainly for the suburban drivers

There's little for off roaders in the upgraded Ford Ranger ute that's just going on sale. However, being darned good already, right down to its rear diff locker, that's hardly a criticism. Ford has concentrated on  pampering daily drivers, with numerous changes to the country's best selling utility, right down to being able to limit the sound system's audio volume, and have it disabled until seatbelts are attached – features aimed directly at owners with "young drivers" in the family. The 3.2 litre five cylinder turbodiesel has been remapped and modified to help improve fuel economy and reduce engine noise. The manual gearbox gets a fairly major makeover, including revised ratios and a new linkage. The auto has minor changes. Pictures show the top Wildtrak, which costs almost $70,000! There's better value lower in the range.

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