June 2, 2015

Big Australian snatch strap test puts ARB at top

The excellent Australian online 4WD magazine, Unsealed 4x4, has destruction tested eleven 8000 to 9000kg snatch straps and gave top marks to the ARB product, saying "they all broke over their recommended breaking point on each occasion, are slightly larger than advertised and had the second most stretch out of all the straps."

Second was the Bushranger 8000kg strap, followed by Opposite Lock's 8000kg product, which was the strongest of the bunch, breaking at an average 10,486kg but losing points due to a lack of stretch. Other makes tested were Ironman, Just Straps, Oztrail, Powerful 4x4, Ridge Ryder, Terrain Tamer, Tigerz 11 and TJM (which had the longest average stretch). Download this report (link is above); it's worth having.

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