May 22, 2015

Why people in authority bend over to help backroad cyclists

Television coverage last night showing progress building the spectacular Old Ghost Road cycle path in Buller has caused a reader of 4wdNewz to wonder why so much effort is going into the cycleway network, yet there seems to be a movement to shut-out 4WDs from land access. There are several reasons:
• There are more recreational cyclists than 4WD trippers.
• Cyclists have an efficient, loud and well organised lobby group.
• Cyclists generally leave little in the way of footprint on the environment. They don't go out on 35-inch extreme tyres with 500Nm at their right foot to tear up tracks and trails.
• There are far too many hoons who give 4WDing a bad name with the people who count.


  1. Cyclists don't have people suggesting that they break the locks and enter like certain NZ Offroaders have done on social media because the night run is cancelled.

  2. I know many 4WDers who are responsible and considerate of the environment and I hope that I can be counted among that group. However, there are others who are not and take the view they haven't had a good day unless they've torn up some tracks, trespassed and chainsawed a tree or two. I hope I'm wrong here, but I think this is a growing group, at least I get this impression from some forums and social media.