April 22, 2015

A new breed of all terrains for better performance in the mud

Have you noticed how some all terrain tyres are straddling new ground, somewhere between a traditional AT and a mud pattern? A prime example is Mickey Thompson's recent Baja ATZ P3. This has one of the boldest treads I’ve seen on an all terrain. The Mickey also has useful shoulder tread. They look very capable, sitting there on the tyre dealer’s rack.
There’s one problem; they cost even more than the company’s MTZ mud tyres at around $550 each for the 255/70 x 17. That’s not out of line with US prices plus shipping, customs fees and GST, but you can pay way less for some brands. It's the old dilemma of balancing value vs (possible) added performance. Life’s a bitch when you’re a four-wheel-driver.

There's an earlier post on all terrains here, and another on the interesting Continental CrossContact here. Other ATs with a reasonably open tread pattern, include the General Grabber and Hankook Dynapro.


  1. I have a set of those ATZ's – expensive but worth every cent in my opinion. Good on the road and outstanding in the mud for an AT.

  2. I looked very carefully at those new Mickeys but they were well over $100 each dearer than BFG AT's and I didn't think they were worth it.