March 25, 2015

Steel bullbar king ARB succumbs and introduces an alloy range

After 40 years of producing steel bullbars, ARB is launching an alloy range. They'll be available in June. Says the company in a news release: "With modern passenger vehicles offering features such as vehicle integrated safety cells, dynamic versus traditional ladder frame chassis setups and a greater emphasis on fuel economy, alloy bull bars provide another option for when the ultimate strength characteristics afforded by a steel bull bar may not suit an individual’s requirements."

Four millimetre aluminium alloy is used for the outer wings and centre pan, with 60mm alloy outer tubing. Three types of alloys are used, each specifically selected for maximum corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength. The polished aluminium appearance is enhanced by using Cold Metal Transfer pulse welding. These welds appear similar to a layered stack of coins. The bar connects to the vehicle via steel mountings that ensures the product is capable of dealing with the kind of loads encountered during winching. It has been tested for winches of up to 10,000lb, ARB says. A winch clutch opening concealed in the grille section removes the need for clutch cutouts in the top pan of the bar.

Oh, and there's a kicker to this item. Seems that ARB has been quietly supplying alloy bullbars under other names for years, as OEM gear for various vehicle manufacturers. So it's not like they haven't had practice!


  1. This is the beginning of the end, mark my words.

  2. This was inevitable. It won't be long before alloy bullbars outsell the steel ones at ARB. Let's hope they keep the steel versions in production for those of us who need them. By the way, the one in the photo looks really ugly.

  3. What's the big fuss about ARB launching a 'new' alloy bullbar? I thought the 4x4 accessory market has had alloy bullbars available for years.

    1. You're quite right, the market has offered many alloy bars for decades, those of Brisbane based TJM being particularly well known. What's "new" is that ARB has been a staunch proponent of the steel bar. Their embracing of the "lifestyle" bar segment is notable.