December 21, 2014

Ten questions to ponder as this year comes to a close

  1. Will the Toyota Hilux manage to claw enough sales to beat the Ford Ranger and keep its best-selling record intact?
  2. Does anyone outside of Toyota, Ford and a few motoring journalists give a toss?
  3. Are utes now almost the only affordable vehicles with low range gearing?
  4. You call those prices affordable?
  5. How many "special editions" do you think Land Rover will be able to squeeze from the wind-down of Defender production?
  6. Will there be anywhere left to go off road in the North Island in a couple of years?
  7. With its newly acquired traction control, is Suzuki Jimny the ideal 4WD enthusiast's new vehicle?
  8. Or will we all move to side-by-side 4WD ATVs?
  9. Now that it's eight years old, isn't it about time we started seeing some JK Wranglers in winch competitions?
  10. So which is it? Silverstone MT-117 Extremes or Simex Extreme Trekkers?


  1. In answer to questions 7 and 9: no they're both crap vehicles.

  2. Question 8: Not if the wife has anything to do with it.