November 13, 2014

The rise and rise of SUVs

In an interesting article comparing New Zealand new vehicle sales of 2004 with this year's, notes the decline of larger cars. "Where have the sales of large and medium cars gone? You need look no further than sports utility vehicles, or SUVs. In 2004, SUV sales totaled 12,854 units, made up of 5390 small, 4755 medium, 1280 large, and 1429 ultra-large, at an average of around 247 sales a week. In 10 months of 2014, SUV dealers moved 31,155 units at an average of 710 a week. The breakdown to the end of last month was: 8666 small, 11,838 medium, 10,257 large and 394 ultra-large. That’s overall growth in 10 years of 710 SUVs a week compared with 247 back in 2004. Around three out of every 10 new vehicles sold in 2014 has been an SUV.

"2014 has almost two sales months left and the SUV segment has grown by 18,201 units in a decade, swallowing up large and medium sedans along the way. Small SUV sales in 10 years are up by 3276 units, medium by 7083, large by 8977, and ultra-large down by 1035. The decline in ultra-large sales is mostly because of the wider choice of medium and large SUVs."


  1. Will that trend accelerate as the Australian Ford and Holden utes fade?