October 3, 2014

When rock crawlin' isn't just for rocks

This 2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon looks more like it should be rock crawling in America, rather than taking on a kiwi forest. From one of the first batches of JKs to arrive in New Zealand after the model's 2007 launch, this one has several favourite "crawler" mods including minimalist wheel flares, oversized Mickeys, a stubby bumper and suspension improvements. The ARB bumper, which houses a Runva EWX9500, is made primarily for the American crawling market and is quite rare in New Zealand. It also has aftermarket outside mirrors replacing the standard door-mounted ones – worth having when you're driving without the doors, which detach in minutes. The "crawler" mods work really well far from their intended environment; this is one impressive Wrangler.


  1. Looks like this guy's been surfing the Quadratec catalogue. A good setup.

  2. I like it, a LOT!!!

  3. Good looking vehicle and very capable, I'll bet. Is there any chance of getting a list of all the mods?