September 13, 2014

The Yellow Jeep Show is back for another season

Starting tonight at 7pm, replacing Country Calender on TV One, is a new series of the Yellow Jeep Show, featuring the Australian built J20 pickup. Last season was really good, but be warned that you will have to sit through a bunch of cooking stuff to see the worthwhile bits of the Jeep in action. The show is Free Range Cook: Through the Seasons; but the cook, Annabel Langbein, wrote in a blog during a previous series: "I get so many comments about my big yellow Jeep that sometimes I think it’s more the star of my TV series than I am.

"American Motors Corporation produced the Jeep J20 pickup truck from 1974 to 1987. Ours is a 1978 model; right-hand drive, black leather bench seat, power steering. The reason I know it has power steering is that quite often it stalls – either when it’s cold, or when the engine overheats. Without any warning you can find yourself on a big, wide corner out in the countryside, whopping along at a good old rate with no steering whatsoever. 

"Coming up to her 35th birthday, the old girl gets a bit recalcitrant about starting through the winter, so we have a little heater that we have to plug in at night so she’ll get going in the mornings. The cab rusted out last year and it was going to fail its WoF, but Ted had another one put aside (would a girl ever think about that? You have to love husbands!). However they went through two broken windscreens before they could get the new windscreen in."

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