September 29, 2014

A reminder of the potential dangers of 4WD recreation

The death of Christchurch man Jeremy Charles Brons, 24, who was swept away while trying to secure a winch rope from a vehicle stuck in the Snowy River, during a trip to the upper Grey Valley, provides a reminder of how off roading can go very wrong, suddenly and unexpectedly. Our sympathies go to Mr Brons' family and his four-wheel-driving colleagues. By all accounts, the group doing the trip was an experienced one, not prone to poor judgement or making silly mistakes. A police officer was quoted in the press as saying, "I don't think it's through any act of stupidity or foolishness, I think it's just bad luck." The inevitable investigations will determine what went wrong, and why. Hopefully, we'll all learn something. Meanwhile, take care out there, guys.


  1. One of the consequences of an event like this is that attention will be drawn to "dangerous" 4x4 activities, further restricting opportunities for us to enjoy our hobby/recreation. I'm surprised and relieved that the media hasn't already jumped on this angle. I don't suggest for a moment that anyone on that trip acted foolishly but whatever the final report some mud will stick to recreational off-roading.

    1. Thanks for your input. I have had the pleasure of going out with several South Island clubs over the years and, as a North Islander, have nothing but admiration for their understanding of, and skill in doing, all sorts of river work.