July 10, 2014

Harrop's electromagnetic diff lock available in NZ

Harrop Engineering, a Melbourne-based company, is known for designing and developing performance products for race and performance street cars, but also makes an interesting differential lock that is now available in New Zealand via the Terrain Tamer company. Developed in collaboration with the American Eaton Corporation, the Harrop/Eaton ELocker is available for a range of 4WD vehicles, Jeep being one notable exception.

Unlike the well-known ARB locker, which uses an air compressor, ELocker goes with an electromagnetic locking mechanism. Over a dozen years, the ARB lockers themselves never gave 4wdNewz a moment’s trouble, but the compressor and associated bits were problematic, even though professionally installed and maintained.

Harrop says the ELocker is built with precision-forged gears, designed to mesh perfectly and provide improved strength and durability over a standard-cut gear. The company also makes prototype and production parts for the automotive, rail, mining, medical and scientific industries.

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