June 5, 2014

What might have been … if the US Army had Land Rovers in the early 50s

Spotted at Auckland's Ardmore Airport. Unfortunately, the website advertised on the body isn't working. Does anyone have information on this interesting combo?


  1. And a time machine to take a series III back in time ;)

  2. No idea about the series 3 LWB, but the domain name is owned by

    registrant_contact_name: HFT Aerospace
    registrant_contact_address1: 238 De Havilland Lane
    registrant_contact_city: Auckland
    registrant_contact_postalcode: 0000
    registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
    registrant_contact_phone: +64 9 2991157
    registrant_contact_email: phil@hftaerospace.com

    I'm guessing De Havilland Lane is at Aardmore ?

    Domain name has been registered for the last three years and is good to November 2014

    The website was live for about three months in early 2013.

    You can see a snapshot of the web site at https://web.archive.org/web/20130208010939/http://mashhelicopter.co.nz/

    Goes to show that nothing is ever truly gone from the internet.

    If you want more info, give them a ring ?

    1. Sigh; I wish respondents would include more detail! Seriously, thanks for that. The snapshot of the website suggests the Series III was a support vehicle for an old Bell 47 helicopter used for MASH-themed scenic flights for $150 a head.

  3. C'mon Phil. You know what it's like when Landy owners get involved :P