June 14, 2014

Another way to keep your shiney shining

Wrangler Unlimited with the full Plasti Dip treatment
This is not a product endorsement, but here's what seems to be a good way to keep a nice shiney from acquiring some of the scratches the trail's going to throw at it. For older vehicles, of course, scratches don't matter. Plasti Dip synthetic rubber coating is an American product reasonably widely available in New Zealand. It can be applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying and is good for all sorts of DIY projects, not just on vehicles. It protects coated items not only against scratches, but moisture, acids, corrosion, skidding and slipping, while adding grip. When no longer needed, it just peels off. Plasti Dip is said to remain flexible and stretchy over time. 4wdNewz could have/should have used it on the Wrangler Rubicon's alloy when they were new. We'd welcome user feedback via the comments panel, below.


  1. I tried a similar product on my wheels and lower body of the Prado. It seemed like a good idea but didn't work well. Just kept getting ugly nicks that easily tore. Pulled it all off after a month or so. This Plasti Dip stuff would need to be a lot better before I'd go that route again.

  2. What the guy said above. None of these spray on rubbery compounds are any good on a 4x4. They're for posers wanting to give their street machines a "look".

  3. If you haven't tested it, don't post it.