October 8, 2013

Smartphone app shows when you're about to roll

For years some Japanese 4WDs appeared with a dashboard instrument that showed the vehicle's angle. Anything over a horizontal 30deg and it was time to start worrying.  In fact, at severe near-to-a-roll angles, the driver should have more important things to do than check a dashboard instrument. However, the gauge was useful to check  angles in less extreme conditions – a bit more track info never does astray. Now, you can get all this on an app from your device's app store, or from the American aftermarket supplier, www.smittybilt.com. The app provides virtual roll and pitch gauges, portrait or landscape, and offers a high degree of customisation. It also has pop-up GPS information covering speed, altitude, latitude, longitude and heading. This of course prompts the difficult question: if you're about to roll, should you Tweet, send a selfie to Instagram or share the experience of Facebook?

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