March 12, 2013

Finding the mouse: attention Jeep JK drivers

One of the requirements of the Wrangler Rubicon's service (see item below) was to locate and deal with a most appalling squeaking somewhere on the driver's side. It seemed to be coming from the seat; no, maybe the dashboard. Well then, the door. Real four-wheel-drivers don't mind rattles, squeaks and banging sounds because it goes with the territory, but this one was driving me nuts; it never went away. After hours of trying this and that, a session with a mechanic's stethoscope suggested it was coming from under the floor area by the seat – right on as it happened. The culprit was quickly diagnosed to be dried mud stuck between the top of the fuel tank (near to which the driver sits) and the floor. Yeah! it's gone; now I can hear the roar of the tyres again! So there you go JK drivers; if you get an annoying squeak that won't go away, that's where to look.


  1. Hey, that's brilliant. I have what seems like exactly the same noise on my JKU and it's been really annoying. I'll check it out at the weekend. Thanks for the post.

  2. Man up. Rattles, shakes squeeks and noises are part of 4wding. Turn up the radio if U dont like them