March 7, 2013

4WDs dodge a bullet, or at least a thief

No "proper" 4WDs appear in the latest AA Insurance 10 most frequently stolen cars list. Only the Subaru Forester, which lacks low-range, makes the list at number three. For the record, the Honda Torneo, an Accord variant for the Japanese domestic market, topped the list for the second consecutive year. The top 10 most likely to be gone in 60 seconds are, in order: Honda Torneo, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Sunny, Mazda MPV, Honda Integra, and Mazda Atenza, the Japanese-domestic Mazda6.
Good to know: The average value of a stolen vehicle in the top 10 list is $5360. AA Insurance has found that 89 per cent of theft claims relating to models in the top 10 were for cars made more than 10 years ago.Thieves prefer the older vehicles with less sophisticated security features. According to AA Insurance, a car built before 1997 is twice as likely to be stolen as one manufactured from 2005 onwards.


  1. Could it be that they won't cover 4WD's for off road use that AA don't insurance many 4WD's and therefore they don't rate in their statistics?
    Given the number of 4WD's stolen in SI it doesn't seem to be a true representation.

  2. Insurance companies can be real jerks about insuring 4WDs for off roading.