November 18, 2012

Short back and sides for the 42 Traverse

One of the more popular tracks, the 42 Traverse in the centre of the North Island, has had some attention from off-roaders who are prepared to put something back into their recreation. Organised by the Auckland 4WD Club, 26 volunteers turned up and worked-up by bagging 100 sacks of road gravel sweepings provided by Ruapehu District Council at the Owhango end of the track. Some of the gravel sacks were used to harden soft spots and at least one water eroded track edge.

Then they moved into the Tongariro Forest to trim vegetation. The volunteers put in about six hours of labour on the Saturday, then were back at 8.00am on Sunday at the Owhango end for a bit more clearing until noon. Joining the Auckland contingent were others from Taupo, Havelock North and Wellington, and two DoC field staff. No one logged the distance covered at the time, but organiser Peter Vahry later estimated they tidied at least six kilometres.


  1. Good on those guys (and girls?). With all the hoons tearing up land with their oversized Centipedes and not giving a shit, people who go about improving tracks for everyone to enjoy deserve all the recognition and publicity they can get.