November 19, 2012

One man's affair with the Suzuki X-90

4wdNewz gets comments from all over, not just New Zealand, including an email from Don Watson in Florence, Colorado, who has two Suzuki X-90s and was drawn to the site by the item above. He writes: I own a 1996 in same color (Arctic Ice) as the one in the photo, and a 1998 in dark green, kind of like British Racing Green  but called Oregon Green. I absolutely love them and have never had a single problem. The 1998s are kind of rare as only 477 were sent to the USA. I had one before that had 106,000 miles on it but found an identical one with only 41,000 miles (the pair shown above) so I sold the other 98 and replaced it with the lower mileage one.

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