October 16, 2012

Looking for an average off-roader? Then check out the Terracan

This 2004 V6 Terracan GL auto wasn't up to much when new, so why would anything have changed? It's still active, with around 130,000km on the clock.
Had a question from a visitor to 4wdNewz about the wisdom of buying a Hyundai Terracan, the wagon based heavily on Mitsubishi's Pajero and built from 2001 to 2007. Check Trademe and you'll see that good ones are available for around $20,000, which seems a bit high to me. The would-be owner probably asked the wrong person, because I didn't think much of the Terracan when new and nothing's really changed, except they're older and cheaper. As an all-rounder, the Korean was average in every way and the V6 version used way too much petrol. Off-road, it had limited articulation, limited approach and departure angles and limited all-round ability. Aftermarket products to improve its off-road competence are relatively thin on the ground, compared to major makes. I'd sooner just get a better vehicle and not bother with coaxing more out of what is now an orphan. Still, people do persist and modify a Terracan for club-type activities. If you're thinking of becoming one of these people, here's an excellent website with lots of good info.


  1. Terracan's are TopsOctober 17, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    Your article was referred to me by a friend and I cannot help but comment. I own a 2007 Terracan auto and it has been the most reliable, trouble free and pleasing vehicle I have ever owned. Your so called review is wrong in every way. Having only BFG all Terrains as a modification, I regularly drive my Terracan where no other 4WD can go, it's offroad performance is amazing. I suggest you need to remove your slanderous report, apologize to Hyundai and apologize to every Terracan owner.

    1. I was wondering whether to publish your comment, but since you can drive your Terracan on all terrains places no other 4WD can go, your opinion is clearly one worth noting.

  2. I had a Terracan for a while. It was okay but average in every way. The guy who sang it's praises made me laugh. Was he for real.

  3. It should have been called the Terracan't. It's no Safari, thats for certain.

  4. I run a Suzuki-based trials truck and also have a Terracan. It's not bad offroad but I wouldn't disagree with what you said. However, it makes a great tow wagon, is reliable and rides and handles nicely. I certainly won't be selling mine but I wouldn't want to use it offroad for more than mild safari-style events.