August 17, 2012

Nissan Navara RX – an ST-X in gumboots

I've enjoyed driving the Nissan Navara RX King Cab ute, a reasonably basic model that slots between the evergreen D22 and the upmarket ST-X. The 2.5 litre turbodiesel, a detuned version of the ST-X 450's (and the Pathfinder) produces 126kW and 403Nm of torque, sufficient to provide decent performance that falls off a little only when asked to haul a full load. The RX has a limited slip differential in the back; electronic aids are limited to ABS and ESP. On-road ride and handling are way better than the D22, loaded or light. That deck's a new lightweight laminate wood design from Best Bars. It retails at about $2000 and looks to be really well built.

1 comment:

  1. I hope it lasts better than the deck in the background!