August 13, 2012

Narva's tidy new accessory fusebox

Narva has an interesting new fusebox with a built-in common earth return so accessories can be wired back to the box with a single negative feed point, for connection to the battery. It helps provide a tidy and serviceable electrical system. The box has dual power inputs so accessories can be run from two separate circuits to best suit an application, such as ignition or auxiliary. The inputs can be bridged to run accessories from a single circuit or power source. The box is suitable for standard ATS blade fuses or ATS plug-in circuit breakers. It has a lockable transparent cover and comes with a sheet of 86 symbol decals. The unit carries up to 30A per circuit with a maximum of 120A per block and has a maximum voltage of 32V DC. If you're interested, the part number is 54450.

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