July 15, 2012

So how many gears goes your ute have?

It had to happen sooner or later … a ute with an eight speed automatic. That's what Volkswagen's offering when it launches an upgraded Amarok in a couple of weeks. The new automotive website Autospy has the story here.


  1. Seems over the top but I understand that there is no two speed transfer case as such in the new vehicle and that the first two gears are actually reduction gears for off road use. Be interesting to see how much of a reduction those low gears are and how it performs through the gears both on and off road.
    Frighting thing is this is probably the way of the future for many 4WD's.

  2. Makes a lot of sense to eliminate the transfer case and just have a couple of low ratios. I agree with ACL that it's the way of the future.