April 25, 2012

Better protection for more underbellies

ARB has extended its new-ish range of underbody protection. The ones I've seen are thoughtfully designed and can save the vehicle from expensive mishaps in the rough. Just added is protection for the JK Wrangler (3.8L petrol), Prado 120 and 150 Series, FJ Cruiser and Amarok. Each is designed specifically for the vehicle.


  1. Sounds great. These are expensive to build and design and often introduce other unwanted effects like inhibiting access and becoming effective shovels in reverse. Some links might be good.

    PS Is that Leonard in the photo? :)

    1. arb.com.au will get you to the underbody protection stuff, although the info is fairly general. I think it takes a trip or phone call to a stockist to get the really detailed information. And yes, the new heading photo was on a LROCA trip to Waiuku some time ago.